Friday, February 4, 2011

February 1st, 2011









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  1. Jen - I said this before, but this is incredibly cool. I had no idea the military recognized the contributions of spouses in any formal way and I feel so much better know this now. Did you scan this? It doesn't look like a photo.

    Jessica - the vibrancy of the colors of the toys really stands out against the neutral background. I can't wait to see your shots in spring.

    Julie this is lovely flower shot. I really like the complete abstraction of the background. And this isn't a flower I think I would have picked out to shoot. I love your eye here.

    Mel - mozerella sticks? I WANT!

    Michelle - very cool shot. You are staging your photos so well lately. You really thought out the line up of the bottles and the background of the granite from your beautiful kitchen. I like the lemon slice in the back and the regularity of the peppers (?) striped in the front.

    This sibling photo is so awesome. I'm so happy for Pauli that he gets to have a brother...and gets to be an older sibling too. I know we all hear about middle child syndrome, but I've always thought they get the best of both worlds.