Friday, February 4, 2011

February 3rd, 2011









  1. Whoa that shattered ice looks cool Jen. Totally did not recognize what it was till I saw your title. I miss ice and snow so much it's crazy.

    Julie I love this photo. It's wonderful. How do you get portraits of strangers that are so unselfconscious? Are you using like a telephoto lens spy-style? I like the editing across the main part of the photo but hate the texture over the ocean. The subject is so raw and real so I don't like the background reminding me that this is a photograph. It's like there's a suggestion that the whole thing is staged.

    Michelle - since the photo is sort of universally blurred I want you to make it even more extreme - like blur everything out till it's just blobs of color with suggestions of a subject. The composition here is great.

    A word about my photo - I've been wanting to photograph under the freeway overpass for MONTHS. Like since we first started this project - this is actually right where I exit on the way home from work. But there's like NOWHERE to stop the car and I'm always rushing to get home after school. Anyway I was on the OTHER side of the freeway yesterday at a store and I suddenly realized I could get to this spot from the parking lot. I was so excited I just RAN over there - across the feeder and into like a homeless camp area. So I'm shooting away and suddenly I realize it's about 17 degrees out and I'm jacketless, hatless, gloveless, and I'm FREEZING. It felt like it took me about a year to make it back to my car! I swear that was colder than I ever was in Minneapolis.

    Tia the story behind this photo was awesome. And the text is hilarious. What a sweet gesture from your former students. I bet you got tears in your eyes when you got this.

  2. Sarah, I love the under the overpass photo. I swear I can step into my monitor and walk down it. It's epic. So funny you should mention you hate the texture over the ocean on my photo - that's one of the parts I love about it. It looks like paper. I wanted to focus to be on the two women, and for the water to not be a subject. It was one of those glary, sunny days, and the water was kind of deep blue and sparkly, but not in a way that I felt would help the photo. I took it with my wide angle opened up to 10mm, and I was pointing it down the strand, so they were at 8:00 in the frame, and wouldn't have a clue I was including them in my shot (wide angle = perfect spycam, if you don't mind elongated heads once in a while). I'm finding I really like the focus on faces I can get with this lens, especially in the middle of the shot (which this one isn't). I can't wait until you get one (hurry up!). Isn't Mothers Day coming up?

  3. Mel - this is a great perspective photo. I love it - it puts me IN the swing and that's awesome. I'm tilting my head back while I look at it!

    Niki - Audrey's smile is so open and engaging. Beautiful girl!