Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 4th, 2011







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  1. Jelleh - you know me and my total sucker-tude for parallel lines. This pic is lovely. I want to life the camera an itsy bit just to eliminate a little bit of foreground, but that might just be me. I'm impressed at the way you got pretty sharp details in the dagger of light together with details in the shadows of the hall. How'd you do that?!

    Julie - I adore this photo of Quinne. I so rarely get to see her staring straight at the camera that way! This is a wide angle shot too, right? I find I am LOVING the slight distortion of close in portraits with the wide angle and everyone else in my life hates it. I'm fixing to trade in the wide angle for a fish eye. Quinne's fingers are piano player's fingers!

    Mel - I saw the Christmas card on the fridge and was totally thrown off for a second - like HEY! That card is at MY house!

    Niki - Peter and Audrey playing on the rainforest mat is an ADORABLE sibling pic. Audrey's cheeks are so perfectly peachy!

    My palm tree died after this awesome sunflare shot. :(

    Tia - the first time I saw the chain pic I gasped. I jsut love it. It's sooooo spooky with that perfect drop of water ready to fall. I look at this pic and feel that total silence feeling right before the ax murderer jumps out in a horror flick.