Friday, February 4, 2011

January 30th, 2011










  1. Jen this is great shot of Syd. She looks so confident. Her eyes are like - yeah - photograph me because I'm perfect!.

    Such a great baby shot Jessica! Love her slate-blue eyes.

    Julie this is a GREAT pet shot. Seriously you are so talented. How did you get that perfect matching background? And the little tongue out? This has to be like one in a series of a 100 shots taken over a 10 second interval or something. Everything is so crisp! What f-stop were you at. I seem to be stuck in 1.8 and I'm losing some good shots. I need to break out of my rut. I NEED to get another lens to inspire me!

    Mel McK can use CHOPSTICKS? Holy wow! Love the tilt of her head and the little tongue sticking out. That makes it so much better that it's on the same day as Julie's cat with tongue photo!

    Michelle - you chose a great one. His determination and mischief are like warring here. The pursed lips plus the twinkling eyes.

    Tia - great photo. I'm so sad I didn't even do a candle for Rose this year. Boo. I need to make a bigger deal out of birthdays. Your cake came out great and I love the icing compromise you struck.

    About my photo - I totally feel like I'm copying someone again. Sorry! The daily shoot for htis day was harsh light/strong shadows.

  2. I think Syd looks exactly like her mom in this pic... so pretty.

  3. She does look like Jen! Awwww... :-)

    I love the shadow wagon, what a fun photo!

    Sarah, thanks for the compliment, but I don't feel like I deserve it for this photo. I seem to have accidentally deleted the entire folder of originals from this day (how do I keep managing to do that, I wonder?), or I'd show you the original. Basically, I photoshopped it beyond recognition. Mainly, I sharpened Cleo, a lot. Then I isolated his eyes, took them to another layer and saturated them to make them look darker than they really are. After adjusting his coat so he wasn't just a black blur, I lost the cool dark wet lines between the beams on my deck, so I isolated them and totally tweaked the brightness/contrast etc. to bring them back. I had to hand paint them back in all the way to his body because I cut him too wide.

    I might as well have cut him out and put him against the grand canyon, for how much I changed this photo. By the end of it, I was exhausted, and longed for a good SOOC shot.