Friday, February 4, 2011

January 29th, 2011









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  1. Jen - I don't know why you didn't love this shot. It's so cool? Glad you chose this one. I've already forgotten about the dumb highlight on the wine. That wonderful red shadow has banished such images from my memory.

    Jessica - story please? Who set up such a nice tea party for the kangaroo? Very cool lighting on the corner in this photo.

    Mel - Aren't those fences at playgrounds so fun to photograph through. I have TONS of my girls staring out through the bars. Love McK's happy smile.

    Michelle - you know Eric and I NEVER eat hard taco shells? I don't even know if they exist down here. I've never noticed them in the grocery store. Who said Barbie would freak out about the fork lines in teh guac? That was exactly my first thought also. Then my second thought was that I really want to eat your tacos. heh heh heh

    Niki - I love a good reflection shot. So cute!

    Tia - your cake is amazing! I can't believe you built that!

    Julie why am I missing a photo from you for this day?