Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 6th, 2011







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  1. Jelleh - your salsas look delish. You need the salsa bowl I sent to Debbie!

    Julie - this might be one of my favorite photos by you. Did you add that texture to the doormat? It looks like you didn't. I just love the composition and the colors here. I like how the left boot is snuggling the right boot. The focus on the top of the right boot is perfect.

    Mel - hahaha Jim looks like and awesome dude to hang (and not talk politics) with.

    Michelle - this makes me want a hot dog real bad. Although I never think ketchup looks good in photographs. Anyone wanna find me an appetizing photo of ketchup?

    Just saw my own picture of Willie again for the first time in a long time and sorry but....I really love it. :) I love when I love my own photos. Sometimes I feel like Richard Blaise from Top Chef - I pretty much hate everything I do.

    Tia - holy YUM to that angel food cake. Wow that berry topping is just glimmering. So good looking! Love the way you have the weight of the picture sliding right.