Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 5th, 2011









  1. Jelleh - the lighting on sleeping Syd is heavenly. I can only imagine how badly you want to lick your thumb and clean that little smudge of her cheek every time you open this picture. Man her eyelashes almost rival McK in the photo.

    Julie - ahhhh...beautiful! Lovely little sunflare on the beach. Love to photograph century plants - one of my early photos this year was of a century plant whose bloom had just fallen. You are so much better at the wide angle than I am. When I try to get a laaarge canvas I end up with something very boring, even though I know that's what this lens was intended for. If I EVER get time to upload photos again I'll show you what I mean with my kite festival photos.

    Mel - the matching legs/toes is so comfy feeling. That's a great family memory picture. Every Friday Rose and I snuggle in my bed and watch TV till we fall asleep. I look forward to that all week. This photo makes me feel that way while I look at it.

    Michelle - ohmygod your boys and their skateboards would give me a heart attack! I like how the tilt of the camera is matching the tilt of the ramp. I also love how Nick's right arm is actually parallel to the ground.

    Niki - Audrey's pose in her kitchen is tremendous! Love her little chef's hat!!

    Tia - the picture of the cabbage is an awesome picture - love the water droplets so solid looking they look almost frozen. It's cool how you managed to keep the edges of the cabbage all so distinct, even though it's exactly the same shade of green on green.

  2. Thank you. I mentioned on the other thread that I just love this picture of Rose, it's such a beautiful childhood moment captured, and the lighting and colors, the foreground shading, and all the stuff going on in the background make it look like a master painting.