Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 7th, 2011






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  1. Jelleh - okay what am I looking at here? I'm totally intrigued. Makes me think of to describe - you know when you see footage of someone watching on old movie in black white...maybe even a silent film? And the little film squares click by? I'm actually kind of loving this the more I look at it.

    Julie - your surfer dude is just an awesome muse and this is a fabulous, magazine quality shot. I'm still hating the border, which I think adds an element of cheesiness to an otherwise stunning shot.

    Michelle - I think we have one of these plants in our yard?? Okay, shot, but not my favorite of yours by a long shot.

    I am bored by my own photo on this day. Terrible focus, coloring is off, blah.

    Tia - I sort of remember the discussion y'all had about my hating this photo after all the editing. I don't hate it, but I don't think the editing created a better photo. What was once sharp focus on the tomatoes now looks uncomfortably blurry to me. The blankness of the background against the pop-y red of the tomatoes is really nice. But I can't look at it too long because of the blur.