Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 8th, 2011







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  1. Jelleh - these cupcakes are beautiful. You made them? I love the frosting that is pink with purple tips. That's super cool. Good choice of plate for the background too. Great angle for photographing food.

    Julie - I really like this still life. I love the shape of a vase - weird thing to say I know, but I have since I was really little. My dad actually would buy me a vase for each birthday starting when I was about 8 maybe? So I used have a whole collection of them. Anyway I love the shape of the vase here and I love how it's positioned in front of the railing on a deck. The two totally contrasting shapes - rigid parallel lines framing the organic roundness of the vase - are very pleasing. Then the coloring enhanced the whole thing.

    Melody - oh my gosh Marina is my hero. I want a fauxhawk too!!! Her eyes are a gorgeous shade of orange also.

    Michelle - you always get the best captures of your kids. I love how the Z-man is staring directly at you while sneaking a taste of his donut. It's like a dare.

    Tia - very geometric photo - another one that reminds me of Warhol-esque pop art. I think the focus could be crisper maybe on the red candy up front...I feel like the details are getting lost a bit, but myself I wouldn't know how to bring them out. That slight muddled-feeling is what I would have gotten if I'd attempted your green cabbage on green cabbage picture from a few days back before this one. That's why I was so impressed with that photo!