Sunday, March 6, 2011

February 9th, 2011





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  1. Jelleh - snowy snowy night. Great night photograph. I want an owl to fly out of this scene and screech at me. The white globules of snow are very dramatic.

    Julie - not in love with the reggae photo of Kaiya. The idea of the bird on the eye is a cool one, but I just don't like the actual execution with the feet on her cheek. It adds to the impression that she is wincing in pain. Well....I'm still staring at this photo, so even if I *say* I don't like it, you've clearly done something to capture my interest.

    Mel - man I want some candy! I think this photo would have been better if you'd underexposed it a bit. You might have been able to get a Charlie and the Chocolate factory feeling of surrealness to it. Surrealness - it's a word.