Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 12th, 2011











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  1. Megan's line up picture made me laugh. I get that deer in the headlights look from Rose sometimes - most recently at Chuck E Cheese. That place is the devil.

    The burbling waters pic by Jen is terrific. It looks like a tidal wave coming over a window sill. The rainbow boca in the back is fantastic as are the ripples at the front. Great water picture. Wish TPW would do another water contest!

    Jessica's goldfish is lovely. I think the composition is great.

    I really like the colors in Mel's bottles of nail polish. I had this photo loaded up big on my computer a few days ago and was again viewing it from a distance (like Julie's amazing sunset photo). I loved it as an abstract - the way the colors line up and the shininess of the background are great. When I come in close and can recognize the subjects I like it less, so I'd almost support some photoshopping here to abstract the image into just stripes of color.

    I think I already mentioned how jealous I am of everyone's snow. The darkness of Cole's snow pic reminds me of dusky drives between Grand Forks, ND and Mnpls in the winter. That's a bittersweet memory. Bittersweet is exactly how I would describe your overall style.

    Niki - the bright colors against the orange wall are awesome. I want the little glimpse of the table on the bottom left gone. Like if I'd been taking this photo I would have recomposed and tried to get *just* the toys against the wall to eliminate any reference to their environment altogether. Aldo - I want that building set. Seriously. I could teach base b arithmetic with it!

    Tia - I liked the white baby collage better also, so it's cool to see that's the one you chose. I think the softer contrast of the photos with the white fits the subject. I love Carson's smirk in the middle photo and the focus on the foot in the bottom left. The coloring is perfect also.