Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 16th, 2011











  1. Oh Cole I love this photo. I really do. It's a photo of a color and I think that is so hard to do. It would have been perfect for this photo assignment: http://www.dailyshoot.com/assignments/427

    aww...Baby Carson awake. Such a sweetheart. I love how newborns cheeks sag - like there's literally no muscle under their fat yet.

    Jen - this photo is cooler now that it can be paired with the blue photo of the packaging thing that Julie thought was brandy snifters filled with draino. :) I like the depth here - the layering of the toys.

    Julie - totally creeps me out this photo. Totally.

    Michelle - I ADORE this photo. It's perfect!!! It looks like something out of living simple or some other food/lifestyle/photo magazine. The color of the coffee matching the color of the wood? To die for!

    To whoever asked (sorry! I forgot!) Rachel is my sister and she's leaving. I didn't intend the title to be cryptic, but now I wish I had, because that's so clever. heh.

  2. Jessica, that photo of the piano is very sweet, it makes my heart hurt a little bit because I believe so much love goes into a piano (I know I love when I get a chance to play mine), that the older a piano is, the more filled with love it is. I also love the color of the wood grain on your piano, it's very classy.

  3. Sarah - Michael was creeped out too, but I had so much fun learning the technique! Next time, I'm hoping to use it on a photo of downtown with skyscrapers, splitting open to reveal an emerging rainforest (or vice versa).

  4. How did I miss the piano photo the first time around? The wood grain on that is amazing. I want to see it bigger and with less glare. Jessica, can you post your photos bigger?

    Jeezy - yeah, the downtown skyscraper idea would be less creepy. BUT it's cheesy. I love the nugget of the idea, but can you find something more original or nuanced to say with it?

  5. Hillary the sweeping photo does not look anything like what I picture Reno to look like. Lovely late afternoon light.

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