Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 14th, 2011












  1. Jen I adore this picture. Someone said Indian in the cupboard? I totally had the same thought. The lighting is so cool here. Just a lamp? Did you position it? Did you move it about taking tons of photos or just get lucky with the angle?

    Jessica - I love the picture of the bark and then the title made it even sweeter. I think Jen edited to bring out the colors? That was cool. I need to see the edited pic again because i was scrolling so fast at that point. Anyway the subject, the focus, the blank background all make this is a really cool photo.

    Julie the dandelion is an amazing photo. The detail on the seed head is breathtaking. Eric picked this as the best of the 14th btw. It's a great photo.

    Mel I chuckled at Barbie and Ariel's bedheads. At least they weren't cut like my Barbies!

    Michelle your Florida postcard is awesome. Looks like a golf resort or something. The blue sky and fluffy little clouds are too much.

    Niki this photo reminds me a lot of the one I took last year when I was trying to get Esther out of my bedroom. It's a great shot with the night lighting. Love how you placed your face in the bottom left and the far away patch of light in the middle adds a whole dimension of spookiness to this scene. What camera are you shooting with again? For some reason I thought you had a point and shoot, but I didn't know you could force a night shot (no flash, high ISO) with a point and shoot.

    Tia - you are a master of flower photos. Truly. Great angle and focus on this and you've really captured the texture of the plant. Unsurprisingly I find that the editing is heavy handed and detracts from the photo.

  2. Haha - Gabriel's expression is perfection!