Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 25th, 2011












  1. Cole this photo cracked me UP when I first saw it. Something about the offhand way they're just jammed in there too. Excellent.

    man Hillary I want to eat that mac and cheese so damn bad. I want the fork out of the picture, because everything else is about perfect - the striped tablecloth, the red napkins, and the detail in the mac and cheese. Holy cow I want to eat that.

    Jen - sleeping Gavin is a great picture. Love the colors. Did you use a flash? Very natural looking if you did (and you must have right? State of the Union was pretty late for you). His expression is so peaceful.

    Julie I love this shot Lambic? Whatever it is. The copper pot in the back is so awesome. Your sink is so awesome. This photo is so awesome. The composition - with the cork there at the very fronts - love it.

    McK looks like a teenager here. The reddish hair is beautiful. I like how you captured the set of her shoulders like this - so oblivious to the camera & so focussed on her task.

    Michelle the rained out tennis court is a TERRIFIC photo! I stared at it forever when you first posted it. Couldn't scroll away. You exactly photographed 'wet'.

    Tia - such a heart-melting photo of baby Carson. This is the exact baby pose. It's so interesting how he already looks so much like his siblings here.

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  3. Jessica - how did you get that expression? What a great snapshot! It's totally like "what's happening to me mom? All I want to do is chew and drool!"

    Niki I love this photo of Audrey. I love how she's in focus on the far right and her hair is like arrows pointing to the other side of the frame. And her coy little smile is making me swoon.