Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 18th, 2011












  1. That sock wall made me laugh at first and then wince. Ugh I can't imagine the extra work load of hanging up my socks by hand!

    This birthday pic of Sydney is really too good. Too good. The angle, the lighting, the expression. Unfair.

    Julie again I'm reminded of when I used to shoot on film and deliberately double expose. Or place objects over my photo paper when making an image to get ghosts on my image. Anyway I used to love doing stuff like that so I'm enjoying this picture. The back photo of the ducks could be like a stock photo or something.

    Mel love how you got that brilliant orange to show up on the bird of paradise without losing detail in the bloom. This is what I am trying to do when I shoot flowers, but I haven't figured out how yet. I need Tia to teach me a master class. I really want to move the leaf in the foreground out of the way though!

    Michelle - such a sweet picture of Khloe. Love that she's carrying a surfboard. This will end up in the rehearsal dinner wedding collage, I predict. It just shows so much personality.

  2. oh wow Hillary this photo is fantastic. I love how you captured these amazing colors. This is what my sunrises so often look like when I'm zooming along on the freeway in the morning fumbling for my camera. And I never ever successfully photograph them.

    Jessica that felt broccoli is so cool! I would totally pay you for some felt food. You need an etsy shop! boo lip Peter. What's wrong now?

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