Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 27th, 2011











  1. Man Cole your shots really sell the whole concept of a rainy city. Seattle looks like a movie in your photographs. This is a great picture btw. I like that you cut off the bottom of the boat and just photographed the masts (?). Very nice.

    Oooh Jen what a pretty sky with great silouettes. I want the story behind the title. Long 23 hours?

    Julie - I read about your edits and am even more intrigued by this photo now. Is this a different lifeguard bench than the one behind the b&w HDR bench? The horizon in this shot does it for me.

    Mel - with a little bit of editing this could be great pop art - like blow up huge on canvas and hang in your house pop art. Love how that green paint jumps out and slaps you.

    Tia this chocolate photo looks made for TPW. Hopefully she does a chocolate contest, or a spoon contest, or a drip contest. Whatever. Great photo. Love the crystal-ly boca.

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  3. Jessica - what a perfect little baby face. So sweet. Your daughter looks like a Gerber baby!

    Michelle - I commented a lot on this photo earlier, but I still love it. It's just so surreal of a subject it goes really well with the exaggerated sky and sand. I love the vintage coloring.

    Niki - what is this? Stirrups? This actually gets what I was trying to say on the last photo about moving around your subject. This could have been a really boring photo, but you choice of angle has made it super interesting to me. I'm just looking at it trying to figure out even how big the object I'm staring at is, let alone what it belongs to.