Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 24th, 2011












  1. Cole - I love the two railroad tracks! I love how silvery and dark this photo is. And the way they run from the bottom left to the top right is awesome. This is an album cover.

    Hillary - great perspective on this photo of Gabriel and his creation. He has such huge eyes - just like his sister. The fence behind him really enhances the whole picture also. I need to get better about thinking about my backgrounds like this.

    Jen - cool perspective here. And the light on the table in the background is excellent. The runny egg on the plate is kinda grossing me out (even though I love to eat a good runny egg), but I like the shot through the glass.

    Julie I love what the HDR technique did to the pipe - made it look all shiny and new I don't like the fakey glow behind the towers. WTH is this place anyway? You know what makes this photo so cool? The HDR technique left the shadows looking normal so the pipe pops out even more against them.

    Mel this chicken looks delish! yum yum yum! The bits of rosemary (?) and lemon zest (?) look so pretty against the silvery foil. I love pictures of foil - is that weird. I want to push the bread package out of the way in the background - it's distracting.

    Baby Peter is teething! Super cute pose captured here. That red jacket is great - I'd want to photograph him in it all the time.

    Tia those meatballs - omg. Everyone was right about the two pics. The second one had a neat look to the oil but was wholly unappetizing. This one - YUM. I want to eat these so bad!

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  3. Jessica - what a cute little chef! That green is so vivid and I can't believe you have an actual chef's hat (trivia - toque). What's your son's name again (sorry!). He has the perfect peaches and cream complexion.

    Michelle - did i mention before how much I LOVE this picture? So whhhhyyyy.....first of all I really like that the path is *almost* out of the frame on the far side of the photo. It's so intriguing. The colors and the lighting are perfect - like dream-worthy. And those little round mounds of red dirt by each tree are like an artist's touch - they look purposeful they're so perfect. My eye keeps moving from foreground - which is all about the vivid green of grass - and background - which is that golden yellow of afternoon sunlight.