Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 17th, 2011












  1. Cole - The edit you did to this picture made it. I saw the original and I don't think it would have inspired me to take a second look. But with the blue cast I am hooked. It's like a photo by the monster under the bed or something. Also, I now want to do exactly this with an old copy of Where the Wild Things Are.

    Tia - The shower door. Cool! This is so cool! If I had tried to photograph this I would have blown out the highlights or had the corners out of focus. Nicely done!

    Jessica I love this photo. Back when we first started this project last year and I was trying to fix each day in my memory with a photo, this would have fit perfectly. This is the kind of photo that you look back at in 20 years and can instantly, perfectly remember the moment.

    Julie - this photo is wonderful! Perfect! Awesome! Like just wow! That halo of sun? The fact that the beach looks endless? Like a desert, not a beach. Oh and those women's bodies! They're amazons. goddesses. Something. The posture of the one woman...umm...second from the left. It's unbelievable. Reminds me just ever so slightly of one of the cheerleaders I photographed last fall. Eric says of this photo "It's so good it doesn't look real.

    Michelle this photo is brilliant. So glad you have black rimmed shades to shoot this with, as it just POPS off the orange and red sunset. And then the blurred green in the background is like a perfect complement - I love how that and the white table exactly divide the photo into two halves with nothing else busy to detract from the sunset. This is just so cool.

    Mel I loved this photo the first time I saw it. Damn this day was just a good one right? I can tell I'm gushing. Anyway the textured grass here is great and I like that you are celebrating it with this close up fill-the-frame photo.

    Cole - what a beautiful photograph. Your skill is colors I think - whenever you photograph a color I gush. This lamp is so pretty too. I know someone asked the story, but I missed the answer - where is this?

    I cracked up at the discussion of Eric's celebrity look alike. This photo was on my birthday and he met me at a sushi place downtown for happy hour. We only had about an hour together to celebrate - it was a work night - but it was a perfect date and we were 100% in synch and I wanted to capture how in love with him I was feeling. SAPPY!

  2. Hillary I love the perspective! Great shot. I like that the focus is right at the base of the neck of the bottle. I'm glad I'm not the only hag who just occasionally takes shots without a special occasion.

    Is this the same shot of Peter as on the 18th? Was this the before midnight/after midnight pair? His fauxhawk is pretty rockin.

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