Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 19th, 2011












  1. So actually I had to see your photo shrunk Cole to enjoy it. When it was big I was distracted by the focus and graininess, both of which felt off. But shrunk I love it. The subject and angle are both intriguing. The curve of the statue's body pulls me in and pulls my eye through the photo.

    Ahh Jen I love this photo. And it should be displayed next to the pink one of the little toys in the spheres. I never would have been able to figure out the subject. I was thinking it looked like some kind of laboratory experiment - little gels carefully doled out one drop at a time by an eye dropper. The focus, coloring, and framing is perfect - especially with the neat parallel lines offset to the photo's edge. The extremely narrow focus makes the top so much more interesting to me. All around great photo

    This is such a beautiful picture of Quinne, and I see what you meant about the original not being up to snuff (though I still loved it). I don't love the textures, but laying the photo softly over the other one really grabbed my eye.

    Mel I LOVE this photo. It's pop art! That red mat? Oh my god if that were in my house I'd be taking a million photos with it as a backdrop. The white of the bowl and then the humor of the subject - it's all perfect.

    Michelle what a great photo of Khloe in a perfect Khloe pose!

    Baby Carson make the baby face is just a perfect ending to this day.

    Critiquing my own photograph - I hate that the focus was off. Other than that I really liked this one. I just wish I'd had ultra sharp focus on both the little dudes, not just the blue (and even that wasn't as crisp and sharp as I wanted). I don't know if this was from high ISO or low fstop or both or neither or what.

  2. Hillary - such a great photo of Megan. Again with the concentration face - like McK's back in her Snoopy shot. I love it. So childhood to be that focused an un-selfconscious.

    Jessica - this is a weird photo. Why are their balloons in a mixing bowl? It just makes me look twice. I love the brick on your wall in the background.

    Niki - more snow stars! Still a cool fake out. I used to love standing under a stop light and staring straight up in a heavy snow. It was like looking at infinity.

    Ima dork.

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