Sunday, January 23, 2011

January 20th, 2011












  1. Cole - again I found that I really liked this photo once I shrunk it to put on here. When you first posted it, the size exaggerated the out of focus elements and I couldn't enjoy the photo. Now that I see the whole photo at once it's just lovely and soft and violet. I want to see the finished painting.

    Jen this photo cracked me up when you posted it. As did the title. WTH is this thing?

    Julie - because of the quality of your photos recently, honestly this one bored me a bit when you first posted. Then as I was copying over to here I looked again, because I realized that if I'd captured this myself I would have been incredibly proud to post it. Just a great scene - particularly with the line of trees leading the eye out of the frame. I don't is this some kind of back-handed compliment?

    Mel the memory of making the hand/foot thing is such a sweet thing to capture in photograph. I wish I'd done something like that with my kids.

    Such a great fun moment caught! Khloe! That's how I say her name in my head - with the exclamation point always.

    Tia I love this photo of you and Carson. Who shot it? Your face looks so long and drawn.

  2. It's funny you should say that, Sarah, I was really proud of this photo when it was large and on my pc and I was working on it, but all the definition of the refinery and trees seemed to disappear when it was back down to a normal size, and I ended up wishing I'd lightened it more before posting it. I'm definitely returning to the scene of the crime one day, hopefully around sunset, it's so amazing looking, and it really brings out that feeling in me of not being a worthy enough photographer, so I HAVE to go back and try and conquer it!

  3. I shot that picture of Carson and I - one handed. It wasn't easy. I had to take quite a few shots because I kept seeing a double chin! You can still see it here a bit, but that's as close as I could get to not having one. tee hee. This was not easy to shoot - one-handed without the use of a tripod! tee hee

  4. Haha I love Gabriel's upset face. I love pictures of crying kids.

    Put cheese on the baby! That cracked me up. Is it string cheese? Felt cheese?

    Hi Audrey! Nice shoes. Is that the new fashion?

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