Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 15th, 2011












  1. Tia - you know me. I love a good night scene. And there are a couple reasons I actually really liked this photo even though you see it as a throwaway or filler. I like the parallel cars and the boca in the upper right.

    Jen - this photo cracked me up. Lot of humor here. Nice purple wall to shoot against too. Is it bad that I want to paint my house just to have better photo backdrops?

    Jessica - This photo made made me laugh so hard! Those felt letters are super cool. I would have saved so much money over the last three years if I had any crafty talent at all.

    Julie - the focus on the cake is great (and god what a beautiful cake!). I can't believe Kaiya is 7?! That's so big! I think the editing makes the photo overworked. I like that you softened Kaiya even more than the original soft focus on her (I think...right?), but the aging of the photo I don't like. Are you sick of me commenting on this? Would you rather I just stfu and only say something about the editing when I like it? Believe it or not I do like it sometimes! Wait till I get around to commenting on the HDR photo you just posted of the LA strip because I actually freaking LOVE that.

    Mel the perspective on Tinkerbell is awesome. Makes an ordinary photo into something with whimsy and humor. Very sweet. And the sentiment captures that birthday-eve feeling of childhood.

    Michelle - this one was Eric's favorite of the day. I love this kind of perspective too and it's such a sweet photo of the two boys. I also like how the bed is not parallel to the frame. Adds visual interest, particularly with those parallel lines on the pillow faded out in the background.

    Quinn is a boy after my own heart. Karate chop Barbie! Made me chuckle and I love the glimpse of your corner of the world.

    Aww Niki...poor sick Peter. This is exactly a sick baby picture. The big booboo lip is so expressive!

  2. Thanks Sarah. I live for your commenting and feedback. PLEASE don't hold back on my account. The photos look phenom when they're all laid out like this. <3