Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 23rd, 2011












  1. Cole - okay maybe what's going on is that you post your photos large on the 365 thread, but the resolution isn't high enough? Because when I see them over there they kind of hurt my eyes, but when I repost them small over here they're wonderful! How are you uploading?
    Anyway this is a great picture. I love your eye. The blue of the basin grabs me and messes with my depth perception.

    Hillary your photos always feel like they have a lot of humor to me. Love the garden gnome. Makes me think of the Amazing Race.

    Jen is that Emma?? When did you connect with Carrie? I'm so out of it. Love the characters!

    Ahhh...Julie the potato pic is cool! There are bins of all kinds of potatoes at Central Market that I always mean to photograph. You just beat me to the punch. I would have never known this was edited if you hadn't told me. I totally appreciate these kinds of edits. Like I get small edits to make the photo look more like what you see with your eye, or LARGE edits to turn the photo into a different kind of art. It's the in between that loses me.

    Mel this photo of McK is so incredibly sweet. It looks posed. Love her little crossed fingers.

    Aww...peek-a-boo Audrey! Are her nails painted pink? Adorable.

    Tia I'm so sorry about the sick kids. RSV must have been terrifying in tiny Carson. I hope this photo is firmly in the past now.

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  3. Michelle I LOVE the blueberry shot. I love how you set it up! And the super blurred background that is still recognizably blueberries is very cool. This could be like the cover of Food and Wine magazine or something.

    Jessica - great texture on the basket. I find myself always wanting to photograph stuff like this. You have exactly the same instinct as I do to fill the entire frame with the texture and not let a hint of the shape of the object come out.