Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 26th, 2011










  1. Oh Jen this photo is freaking phenomenal. So freaking awesome. I can't really begin to list the reasons for its awesomeness. It just is. Like I'm jealous of this photo. Like I want to have taken it so bad.

    Love to see you going back to a macro shot Julie. Great detail on the coins and I love the dreamy overall darkness of the lighting.

    Mel this photo is tremendous. Terrific! It doesn't look Cali to me - it looks great lakes. You set up this shot perfectly - the long foreground draws the eye in to the dock. Then the criscrossed shadows lead you up to the dreamy, misty horizon. Just beautiful and very well done. You must have known you nailed it as soon as you hit the shutter.

    Michelle isn't Ava just too much fun to photograph? She has the most expressive face! Love the sun on her hair here and Khloe's big sisterly concern for Ava's safety.

    Tia great coloring in your self portrait. Your skin looks so natural (and so YOUNG - what's your secret woman? You look like you've never had a pimple in your life.) I'm amazed at how non-tired you look. Don't you have a newborn?

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  3. Tell Eric I don't have photoshop on my computer. There ya go. :)

  4. Niki I have so many of the toys in that photo! Okay, so here is some advice if you want it (from someone who only barely survived this project last year) - you are gonna have a lot of oh-my-god-let-me-just-snap-a-damn-photo moments. You can increase the interest of these by just moving around whatever is the subject and getting some weird angles. Half of them won't turn out, but maybe you get someone a little more interesting to remember the day by. Like in this one, maybe shooting from directly above the playmat would have captured that same moment (Argh-baby toys EVERYWHERE), but created a more interesting photo.

    Jessica - I love your traditional wedding band. Mine is just a gold band like that - no gem. I this it's beautiful. I want to photograph it all.the.time.